Cheap fast Boat to Gili Air

How to get the cheapest fast boat to Gili Air? Gili fast boat to Gili Air offer the cheapest way from Bali to Gili Air, the price start from $30. This is the only great way if you want to go to Gili Air, as they offer a quickest way. Fast boat to Gili Air from Padang Bai will landing on the beach of Gili Air.

To book the fast boat you can go online with Gili best deal, this is a recommended portal and a specialist online booking portal for fast boat to Gili Air. You will get an instant confirmation and get an e-ticket when you have finished a payment.

The fast boat form Bali to Gili Air  will pick up you at 06.00 to 07.00 AM and will depart from Padang Bai to at 09.00 AM, you will be in Gili Air at around 10.45 AM. There are also some depart at 01.00PM from Padang Bai, so you have a choice, if you don’t want to get on the morning boat. Gili fast boat to Gili Air offer the easy way from Sanur to Gili Air at the cheapest prices compare to others. The estimate time from Sanur to Gili Air is 2 ½ hour in the good sea condition and will be 3 hours on the rough. The boat capacity is 55 passengers, complete with the safety equipments like life jackets, raft, etc. the boat powered with 4×250 outboard Yamaha engine. The catamaran boat to Gili was experience more than 10 years experience on the sea and more than 5 years experience ride between Bali ang Gili Air. You can book the gili fast boat with the cheapest price at


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